Here is Every Chanel Archive Look Margot Robbie Wore in The Barbie Movie

Here is Every Chanel Archive Look Margot Robbie Wore in The Barbie Movie


 Given Chanel's reputation for glamour and fashion-forward designs, it is no shock that the outfits created for Barbie would have been nothing short of stunning. Barbie's Oscar-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran, who has previously worked on the likes of Beauty and the Beast and Little Women, chose some of the rosy outfits from Chanel's Coco Beach and Coco Neige ready-to-wear collections. Keep scrolling to get all the deets on the Chanel archive looks Margot Robbie got to wear for Barbie!


Necklace From Spring 1995

Margot Robbie wearing Chanel Spring 1995 necklace for Barbie

The necklace was first created in 1995 for the Chanel Spring collection. It was originally worn on the runway by Shalom Harlow. Margot Robbie has a custom version, specifically made for Barbie. See below for the original Chanel jeweled necklace.

Spring 1995 Chanel jeweled necklace original

Shalom Harlow walking Chanel Spring 1995 runway show

Chanel Tweed Suit Pre-Fall 2020

Margot Robbie wearing Chanel coral tweed suit from the pre-fall 2020 collection for Barbie movie

Margot is seen here wearing a coral Chanel tweed suit from the Pre-Fall 2020 collection. Did you notice the heels? They're ALSO Chanel! They're from the Chanel Spring 2022 runway show. See the Chanel tweed on the runway, below.

Model is walking for the Chanel Pre-Fall 2020 runway show in a coral-pink tweed suit


Margot Robbie wearing vintage Chanel 1995 pink tweed suit for Barbie movie

Originally worn by Claudia Schiffer in 1995, Margot Robbie turns the Chanel 1995 pink tweed suit into a Barbie masterpiece! 

Claudia Schiffer modeling for Chanel in 1995. She is wearing a pink tweet suit on the runway


Margot Robbie wearing pink Chanel Coco Beach dress and holding pink Chanel Heart bag from 1995

Margot wore her most Barbie outfit in this all-pink look! Seen here: a hot-pink mini dress from the 2022 Chanel Coco Beach collection. The adorable pink Chanel heart bag is vintage from 1995, scroll below to see the bag up close! 

Vintage 1995 Chanel pink heart handbag worn by Margot Robbie in Barbie movie


Chanel sunglasses and pink jumpsuits worn by the Barbies in the Barbie movie

No outfit is complete without a pair of stylish sunglasses. Margot is seen here wearing a pair of pink Chanel sunglasses to patch her fashionable pink jumpsuit. See and shop the actual pair of sunglasses below!

Hot pink Chanel sunglasses available to purchase

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