Model is wearing black ruffle top and large ruffle maxi skirt

A-Z: 25 Fashion Designers and Brands You Need to be Watching

 It's no secret since the beginning of 2020, more people than ever are starting businesses. Specifically, the luxury women's fashion market has seen massive growth from new fashion designers stepping out to create their own high-end women's clothing brands. The talent available to shop now online is enormous! We compiled a list in alphabetical order of 25 fashion designers and brands style lovers should keep their eyes on. These brands are the up-next designers to not miss. Scroll below to see our full list of designer women's clothing.


A: AFKIR Paris

Model wearing cobalt blue and black sleeveless dress with thigh split designed by Afkir Paris
Afkir Paris was founded by Adam Afkir in Paris, France


ByVARGA was founded by Fanni Varga in London and uses natural leathers and other materials to bring the brand to life


C: Creepy Yeha

Creepy Yeha was founded by Yeha Leung in New York and handmakes pearl harnesses, leather chokers, bold jewelry and more


D: Dominnico

Model wears soft pink ice skater dress designed by Dominnico
Dominnico was founded by Domingo Rodriguez Lazaro in Barcelona, Spain

E: Elena Velez

Black chiffon high-low style dress with off the shoulder sleeves designed by Elena Velez
Elena Velez was founded in New York City by Elena Velez and creates luxury modern clothing


FETICO is based in Tokyo, Japan and founded by Emi Funayama

G: Grace Ling

Model wears black single-breasted blazer with an ombre knit maxi skirt designed by Grace Ling
Grace Ling is based in New York and was founded by Grace Ling. The brand uses 3D-printing technology to bring the collection to life

H: Haleia

Model wears long sleeved black mini dress with beading designed by Haleia
Haleia was founded in Istanbul, Turkey by Hale Baykuş


Model wears champagne silk trousers with black silk bralette designed by Ianua

J: J.Kim

Model wears white long sleeve maxi dress with knots pattern designed by J.Kim studio
J.Kim was founded by Jenia Kim and is based in Uzbekistan

K: KidSuper

Model wears blue and white plaid cropped blazer and matching mini skirt designed by KidSuper
KidSuper was founded by Colm Dillane



Model wears red sequined gown designed by L'MOMO
L'MOMO is a featured designer exclusively on HOLOCENE and is based in Ontario, Canada

M: Marina Eerrie

Model is wearing black tiered cardigan and leather mini skirt designed by Marina Eerrie
Marina Eerrie is based in Puglia, Italy

N: Natalia Fedner

Model wears gold metal and knit 2 piece tank and skirt set designed by Natalia Fedner
Natalia Fedner is based in Los Angeles, California

O: Onalaja

Woman is wearing brown and red long sleeved maxi dress designed by Onalaja
Onalaja was founded by Kanyinsola Onalaja and is a featured designed on HOLOCENE. Onalaja is based in London, England

P: Panache

Vintage rattan handbag with gold farfalle pasta charms
Panache is based in Brooklyn, New York

Q: Quod

Model is wearing black mesh see-through shirts and long ruffled maxi skirt
Quod was founded by Ikshit Pande and is based in New York and India

R: Rui

Model wears cut-out knit tank dress designed by Rui
Rui was founded by Rui Zhou

S: Sultry Virgin

Model wears soft pink button-up sweater and pink plaid mini skirt designed by Sultry Virgin

T: Tove Studio

Model wears white short-sleeved peplum top and red-orange trouser pants designed by Tove Studio
Tove Studio was founded by Camille Perry and Holly Wright and based in Denmark

U: Unheard of Hijabi

Woman wears brown sparkle hijab and white sweatsuit
Unheardof Hijabi is based in New York City

V: Valerievi

Model wears plunging pink cown with matching pink shawl designed by Valerievi
Valerievi was founded by Valeria Lazzarini

W: Wackie Ju

Model wears cherry red elastic bikini designed by Wackie Ju

Y: Yueqi Qi

Model wears multicolored knit sweater and olive green mini skirt designed by Yueqi Qi

Z: Zelie For She

Plus-size model wears golden yellow maxi dress with off the shoulder sleeves
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